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Top Features to Look for in a Chicken Coop

Nowadays, chicken coops are available in a range of designs, sizes, and styles. It does not matter whether you want to construct your structure or buy a ready-made coop. Make sure you check the city or other authorities regarding restrictions on the use of chicken coops. The following are the critical features you should consider when building or buying a chicken coop.

Predator Protection

You should consider having an elevated coop. This is necessary to keep your predators away. Moreover, the cracks, crevices, and holes must be sealed to keep away predators. Some of the common predators include dogs, rats, and snakes. It is advisable to ensure the windows have sturdy mesh to prevent predators from gaining entrance.

Adequate Space

You need to ensure the chicken coop has adequate space for your flock. Remember that your chickens require ample space to be comfortable. The right size depends on the number of chickens you have. Make sure you consider the size of chickens and your future plans to expand them.

Adequate Ventilation

chicken coopsThere are many reasons your chicken coop needs to have adequate ventilation. For instance, there are fumes from the chicken feces, shed feathers, and decaying bedding. All these problems can result in respiratory issues in the flock. This means ventilation is important for the coop. Moreover, you can install the vents along the peak or eaves to ensure your roof has adequate air circulation.


You should note that your coop requires adequate roosting space for each chicken. There are different levels of roosts meant to suit the hierarchy of your chicken. For instance, you can include a wooden ladder.


As you know, you need to clean your chicken coop regularly to get rid of parasites and debris buildup. You can also consider installing the boards or getting the right bedding that is easy to change. This will make the cleaning coop convenient.

Nest Boxes

It is advisable to have the right nest boxes for the laying hens. The nest boxes should be filled with comfortable, safe bedding to protect the eggs. Make sure you check the boxes for hidden eggs.

Outdoor Run

As you know, chickens require time outdoors. This is necessary to ensure they lead a healthy lifestyle. Thus, you should have an attached run to keep your flock safe but free. Ensure the run’s fencing is strong and secure.