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Getting Compensation for a Delayed Flight

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A delayed flight can be the worst experience for many people. For those who frequently travel for business or pleasure, it is no laughing matter when they miss a meeting or a connecting flight due to the cancellation or delay of the first flight. The airline companies try to get away by offering a meal or some snacks to the passengers waiting at the terminal and they try to avoid flight delay compensation which is now a rule within the European Union.

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In 2014 there was a supreme court ruling that made passengers eligible for compensation from airlines that are based and fly from one European Union country to another. It does not apply to carriers that fly from outside the EU into an EU destination or airlines that are not based out of the EU.

Compensation Eligibility

The ground rules are that if a flight is delayed more than 3 hours, the airline is at fault, and should compensate the passengers. However, since most passengers do not know this, they wait and reschedule their other flights, etc. paying any differences.

How to Apply

If you have been delayed in the past and did not know about this law, you may still be able to get compensation of up to EUR 800 from the airline. However, most customer service reps in these airlines will try to ignore or give you some special discount without compensating you appropriately.

If you are unaware of your rights as far as this issue is concerned, you can contact a law firm which specializes in flight delays and cancellation compensation.

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There are quite a few companies that will take on your case on the basis that a fee will be charged only if they win the case for you. It is often a percentage of the claim received, and that will be great because you do not have to be out of pocket in the meantime. The amount itself will directly be related to the cost of the flight and any other damages that may have resulted in your delay which can be proved beyond reasonable doubt. This is especially possible in the case of a business meeting that had to be canceled or a connecting flight that has been missed.


Do not bow your head and ignore the situation; you have rights as a passenger, and you should not feel shy to exercise them by hiring a reputed solicitor to get your claim for you.