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Components of The Complete Survival Kit

survival kit

Nobody likes to think that they will one day be stranded in the wilderness, lost without a clue, or worse still, injured or incapacitated. These days, the great outdoors is very accessible, and we can easily reach wilderness areas from many of our largest cities. Don’t forget; that wilderness can describe a wide variety of different environments. It is important to always have the survival kit so that you are prepared for any eventuality. In your mind’s eye, you can probably picture a mountainous, forested area in the Rockies, but wilderness areas exist in countless countries.

General information


pocket survival kitAs it includes some critical survival tools, a pocket survival kit should be carried by everyone who ventures into the wilderness. It will include you if you are a casual backpacker, a hiker, somebody who hunts, or who takes to the snowmobile in the winter season. Be prepared for every eventuality if you are a pilot of a small aircraft, as well.
There can be no excuse for not carrying a pocket survival kit, as it fits easily in your pocket or can be attached to a belt. Be prepared for every eventuality by using this product, which is waterproof, can float, is easy to open and reseal.

Variety of robust and versatile components

A typical pocket survival kit carries a variety of robust and versatile components, designed specifically to help in every eventuality or emergency. These tools are particularly functional, but many can be used to help you improvise to survive.

Scalpel blade and stainless steel utility wire

A scalpel blade and stainless steel utility wire are key components of a pocket survival kit. The blade is made of stainless steel and is sealed in foil for safety, while the utility wire measures 6 feet in length and is stronger than brass.

Lens magnifier

To enable you to make a camp should you be stranded overnight, a lens magnifier is contained within the pocket survival kit which will help you to make fires using the sun. Braided nylon cord enables you to piece together a shelter, and heavy duty aluminum foil can help you to boil water, cook or to reflect the heat from the fire.


Tools like hooks, sinkers, swivels, safety pins, and sewing needles
If you find that you are stranded for an extended period, a pocket survival kit contains some useful items to help you eat. To catch a fish, you can use hooks, sinkers, and swivels. If you find that you need to expedite repairs at any time, the kit also includes safety pins and sewing needles.


first aid kitNobody likes to think that they could become incapacitated, but in this case, your companions can quickly and easily refer to the contents of the pocket survival kit, which are clearly visible on the back of the packet. Complete survival instructions are contained within, and these should help you to maintain yourself until you find your way to safety, or help arrives.