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How To Become A Better Boss At work

There are various types of bosses depending on the kind of work that you are under operational. But arguably every employee has had a bad boss who makes coming to work much worse than it needs to be. Worst of all, many employees who eventually make it to the position where they are the boss become the very boss they despised in the first place.

Ways to be a cool boss at work

Show respect for your employeesmeeting

Just because they are under you from a career perspective, your employees are not kids. Quite simply, follow the two most valuable rules that should guide any social interaction: treat them the way you would want to be treated and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Learn how to curb your anger, use constructive criticism, and identify with your staff. It will all reflect well on you and help you in your career.

Leave your negative feelings at the door

Even if you got stuck in bad traffic, had a fight with your spouse, or spilled coffee on yourself in the morning before you arrived at work, the best bosses can leave the negative emotions at the door. In most cases, your employees had nothing to do with why you are upset, so it can be damaging to their mood and work ethic if you take out your anger or frustration on them.

Avoid gossip

It may seem obvious, but your position as the boss does not give you permission to become involved in petty office drama. In fact, if you are involved in gossiping about other employees’ personal lives, it will set an example throughout the office that gossip is okay. Set a better example by avoiding the scandal entirely, and telling your other employees what types of conversations should take place outside of the office, if necessary.

Do not use threats to scare your employees

Everyone knows that you are capable of firing them. That is the definition of a boss. Don’t wave this in your employees’ face – trust that it is always in the back of their mind! Firing should be the very last resort. Find other ways to deal with problems you may have with your staff.

Do not let your frustrations out on your staff

If a business isn’t going perfectly, it is not always the fault of angry womanyour employees. If you are unable to verbalize the exact problem you are having with your staff – you’re probably not having an issue with your employees. So don’t treat them like it! Another strategy would be to communicate with other higher-ups about the problem or even to inform the entire staff at large what the problems are to see in which ways they can help.