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Tactics to get a pay raise

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When a company is hiring, actually they are investing in the employee. Think of the time the company has spent for your training and the amount of information shared with you.

A smart employer will also understand that an under-motivated employee will not perform well on their job. So asking for a raise is a good idea but under several circumstances.

Plan for the conversation

Discussing salary raise with your boss must be tied up with the discussion of your performance. You have to think twice of what skills and contribution you have done for the company, which can support your request for asking for the raise.

Also, be aware of your company situation. Asking for a raise when the company’s profit rate is going downturn is seriously a bad timing. You need to observe and stay connected with your colleagues, to be vigilant about this situation. And guys from the marketing department can be your best friends for this, as your source of information.

Therefore, the first time you get employed by a company, or as earliest as possible after you learn that your salary raise lies in your hand, muse the action seriously.

Keep your track record by yourself

signing document It is best for you to take note of your contribution. Note that one time you initiated and did the legal document translation by Worldwide Express; or volunteered yourself to be the company representative at the exhibition; always remember things you have done for your company. But consider choosing the most outstanding ones with the clearest outcome to track, when you discuss it with your boss.

If it happens you are not confident in doing so because you forgot the things you have done for your company; it means you need to start taking notes from now. Jump in and show your intuitive mind when your company has an open project. And be discipline when you get involved in it. Punctuality means precision, and not just anyone can finish a company project on time. If you have the skills to finish the project before the due date, and it has been happening for several times; that alone can support your request for the raise.

Maintain the relationship with helpful colleagues

handshakeTeamwork is essential in a company. An employee may get into the higher position if they have the leadership quality. And The best way to test this interpersonal communication skill is by interacting with your colleagues.

Firmly establish your boundary of office and personal life. Make your colleagues respect you by not getting involved in gossiping. Help your colleagues with job-related tasks, and consider changing “you’re welcome,” as your response of their ‘thank you,’ into “I knew you would do the same if I need help.”