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Point of Sale Software


The point of Sale Software refers to a merchandising aid that features a display which is the hardware part then the software that is installed to run both back office operations and the basic front counter of any business.

A point of sale software can be any system consisting of a computer, barcode reader, cash drawer and the receipt printer all bundled together with an appropriate Point of sale software. Different service providers can use various systems such as without the cash drawers and receipt printers.

It is for these reasons that we discuss the different types of point of sale systems.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems

boardThese mobile systems are mostly accompanied by low-cost card readers and are compatible with most mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, and cell phones and are very easy to install. The type of mobile systems is very cost effective with almost nil startup costs. Mobile systems are suitable for small business such as retail shops, temporary firms, and cafes. Examples include Shopify and PayPal.

Low-Cost hardware with Point of Sale Software

These systems usually require a small upfront cost that caters for the purchases of the equipment. This device includes cash drawers, barcode readers, touch screen monitors and a card reader. A monthly equipment service fee may also be charged with purchase of such hardware. The greatest benefit of these systems is that they are easy to install and support plug and play option.

Hardware and Point of sale Included

Some high-end POS systems come as a full package that consists the full hardware, software, and processing system. Most instances when you go for this type of software is that it will require the signing of a longer term contract which might not be too beneficial for startup business who are uncertain of the long-term.

Extra Features worthy of Consideration

domainEven though the POS systems are just but a tool for processing sales, there is some additional features worth consideration before you choose a system

  •  Employee management tool that can work out schedules, track the number of hours worked while controlling access levels.
  •  Customer management features such that can record the information of clients for records and analysis.
  • Social media features that enable the free interaction with customers and increasing the online presence of business.
  •  Integration with online stores which make it easy for clients to get product and goods easily via online access.
  • · Lastly, they must be EMV compliant which means that they should process chip-and-pin cards, circuit cards and other forms of smart cards.