What Makes The Guardians Of The Galaxy Movies Popular


Guardians of the Galaxy might be the most important movie in Marvel Studio’s history. For anyone who loves adventure, action, and science fiction movies then this is a must watch. The motion picture has gotten an increasing fan base. Many of whom are eagerly waiting for the second release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 full movie. With that said, here are some reasons to why Guardians of the Galaxy have become popular.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Movies

Proves Marvel does not need starsguardian of the galaxy

Sure, the movie features famous actors like Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel. But to prove the point, these characters do not physically appear onscreen. Vin Diesel only says the same words (three of them) over and over while Cooper speaks more often, but you will never see him. In the past, Marvel has been known to going for popular characters. However, Guardian of The Galaxy takes a whole new level.

Marvelous misfits

The Guardians of The Galaxy characters are so ridiculous that they are great. That is especially so with Groot and Rocket Raccoon. A talking trigger-happy Rocket Raccoon inspired by a beautiful Beatles song, and a talking, walking tree who only says the same three words in the entire movie.

Stunning performances and casting

The Marvel pictures are mostly marvelously cast. Chris Pratt, a TV comedy star, and the leading man has the charm to grip an audience as they watch the movie. Batista as the literal-minded Drax, the muscleman, brings a surprising comic timing. Stars Vin Diesel and Brad Cooper voicing Groot and Rocket Raccoon respectively who unleash unexpected and stunning performances. Finally, there is Saldana, the star of science fiction cinema with her roles in from other sci-fi movies movies is casting as Gamora.

Takes and proves the value of Marvel’s logo

The Guardians movie is the biggest test of Marvel’s logo value to date. Unlike other Marvel movies that have been filmed, the characters that make up the Guardians are barely known. Surprisingly, the characters managed to be fantastic, witty and a cast that grips audiences.

Furthermore, the space opera genre in the first movie is something that is pretty far from the Marvel’s wheelhouse. And James Gunn, the director, was not a safe bet either. Hence, the audience eagerly wait for the second volume to see what new surprises are hidden in the movie.


MusicThe Guardians of The Galaxy’ soundtrack, Awesome Mix Volume 1, hit the number 1 spot on music charts. This is a fantastic approach to the scoring and a nice change of pace. Taking chances with an awesome soundtrack proved to be a good thing for this movie.